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Kevin hon, and no, I'm not stalking you with comments! It's just that you bring up a lot of things that are relevant to my life too, even though I'm a 45 year old SINGLE divorced soccer mom...

Back to the point here. The people who should be taken out back and shot are the ones who made these utter BS-ridden remarks to you. And no, they didn't have YOUR best interests at heart; they were likely just so societally-myopic that they haven't had an original thought in their heads since they were twelve:

'“While there may be some advantages to being single, there are a lot more disadvantages”; once at a networking event where a distinguished community businessperson told me how I should be chasing after the single women in the room.'

First of all, there is nothing more disgusting to women than some horndog masquerading as a professional in a business-oriented environment. Any man who behaves like that (and isn't at Lenny's), rest assured the women are ALL laughing at him behind his back in the ladies' room. And that's never a good thing.

And as someone who has long struggled with society and society's perception of my place in it, and put-up for too long with a very bad, false relationship/marriage because the pressure for woman to be married is sooo amazingly extreme that even walks-her-own-path-proudly moi decided that surely marriage must be the path to pursue, and thus put myself and my child through a cruel, grueling divorce (and no, there really isn't any other kind) as I was so desperate and hell-bent on being out of the married state and back to being single and solitary again, I can assuredly say that marriage, or the stylized and societalized perception of it, is a crock of shit.

It is NOT the be all and end all of anything. (More like the beginning of hell, if you ask me! And you didn't.) I swear I wake up, alone, most of the time, and thank God that I'm single. Again.

Always good to keep in mind... it's none of your business what other people think of you.

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